The Gift Connection

If we were all to redirect a mere 5% of the billions of dollars that we already spend each year on gifts, there would be enough to eliminate extreme poverty in about 15 years.

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UEnd Poverty provides gift options to empower people like you to end extreme poverty tailored to your interests.
What Makes Uend Unique?

No Hidden Overhead Costs

100% of your gift goes to the project you choose. Our operating costs are funded privately and through u:powered.

Powered by You

We exist to connect reputable grassroots partners with people passionate about ending poverty. Our site provides the tools and information for you to make an informed choice with a lasting outcome.

Integrated Development

To create sustainable change and an end to extreme poverty, our partners work with local assets to develop a solution that is tailored to that community's specific needs.

Less Bureaucracy

We work directly with our partners and communities to ensure dollars are closer-to-the-ground where they have the most impact, instead of being tied up in bureaucratic processes.

High Transparency

Your money won’t disappear into a catch-all distribution fund. Regular Proof of Impact (POI) updates are provided. Budget, outcomes, and funding progress are listed for every project.

More Choice

Ending extreme poverty is a complex challenge. UEnd offers projects focused on a variety of causes and development sectors so you can pick your favourite projects and causes.