UEnd empowers you to give a new kind of gift—one that helps eradicate extreme poverty and changes the way we think about giving through the redirection of a small portion of your gift spending.

UEnd launched in June 2006 under the name ChristmasFuture. We changed our name but kept the same great mission on October 1, 2009. Our website makes it easy for people to refocus a portion of their gift-giving budget towards the eradication of extreme poverty. Gift-givers send an online gift card to friends and family. The gift recipient chooses from a database of poverty-eradication projects and then allocates their gift towards a project that interests them. This new way to give puts the power of change into everyone’s hands.

UEnd is about change—fundamental, meaningful, planet-shifting change. We’re the bridge through which everyone can participate in eradicating poverty by leveraging the goodwill of a powerful, passionate group: You - you choose, you change the world - for good. Together we can end extreme poverty.

Our Mission

UEnd exists to inspire and empower North Americans to refocus a portion of their gift-giving budget towards strategic and sustainable projects in the developing world to help them eradicate poverty.

Our Vision

We want to create a legacy of change that will, in turn, renew the North American experience of giving (and receiving). We want to bring the poorest of the poor in on our reasons to celebrate.

In communities of the developing world, projects related to health, education, economy, agriculture, infrastructure, gender, water and sanitation and community development will be funded - giving people opportunity to achieve economically sustainable lives and a real vision for their future. The gifts we give today play a fundamental role in creating opportunity; the opportunity to see the end of extreme poverty in our lifetime.

Our Mandate

We are driven to help improve the lives of the poorest of the poor. And in transforming the lives of the poor we transform the lives of North Americans also. One day at a time, and permanently.

To create a giving opportunity and method for North Americans to help change the world. One gift at a time.


Trust: We conduct ourselves in a manner that earns and deserves the trust of our stakeholders.

Dignity: We recognize and respect the dignity of all. Towards this end UEnd embraces the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Integrity: Our actions match with the words that precede them. We consistently adhere to the highest moral and professional standards.

Humility: We have an accurate view of ourselves - neither higher nor lower, and always showing respect to others. To us, humility is equity.

Accountability: We are fully responsible to our words and actions.

Diversity: We recognize and embrace the diversity of all of our stakeholders, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, culture, heritage, sexuality, and geography.