Founder's Journey

UEnd was born out of my personal experience and desire. As I made my way through a typical North American life I got a job out of school, made some money, acquired some things like a house and a car. As I continued down this typical path I also started to travel. I found myself really drawn to developing nations…I sensed joy and community like nothing I had experienced in my homeland…yet I was supposed to be the lucky one because of how much wealth I had access to. I’d return from my trips into the land of abundance and really experience the inequality of it all. I had a growing sense that I had drawn the line in my personal life too far towards ‘want’ and sought to move it closer towards ‘need’. So as I made the changes in my own life I wondered how many other people were experiencing the same angst. I really sensed this inequality during the Christmas season in North America. As I spoke with more friends, family, and acquaintances I realized that there was a similar and growing dissatisfaction with the experience during the Christmas season in North America. It seemed so ironic that although we are attempting to express love during the Christmas season through the buying of gifts, we ended up feeling even more disconnected.

Then it hit me that there is an incredible opportunity here! If we could point these 2 ‘problems’ at each other they could cancel each other out. We could address the consumerism in North America and people dying unnecessarily in the developing world at the same time!

Additionally it seemed like the time was right in history to attempt something like this. Desire to help existed in this land of abundance, as demonstrated by the response to the Tsunami in 2004, to Earthquakes in Pakistan in 2005, and Katrina in 2005. Information Technology is at a point that can assist to bridge the gap. Awareness of the issues is unavoidable – we all know what’s happening in our world. The science of integrated development has hit a new level – correcting the previous errors in its ways. So many paths converging…it was time! It IS time!

I don’t believe that UEnd is an original idea, It’s not my idea. It’s everybody’s idea. I believe it’s simply an expression or the realization of an idea that most of us have already here in North America. Generally I think that we all want to live in a world where everyone has ‘enough’…enough at least to live. Another way to express that concept is that we don’t want to live in a world where a person dies because they don’t have meal…or lack of a 30 cent medicine. And as with most ideas it just takes one person to stand up and say it out loud, then everyone else can join in. That is what is happening.