Partner with us

We continue to look for eligible partners to help us add projects to our database. If your organization fits our criteria, please contact our partnership team through

Criteria for partner organizations:

  • Either be doing integrated community development or willingly participating in integrated community development initiatives in the communities in which they work
  • Values of the organization must align with the values of UEnd
  • Transparency: communication with the organization must be available at convenience
  • Be capable of demonstrating evidence of success
  • Target the poorest of the poor - those in extreme poverty

Projects that we select must be:

  • Part of integrated community development efforts
  • Target people suffering in extreme poverty

DonorTrust: UEnd's Opensource Project

DonorTrust, the technology that facilitates a new way of giving, will be open-source and available to other non-profit organizations in early 2008. Please support UEnd's development costs for DonorTrust, and other organizational costs, by investing in us.