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Let’s be honest, the spirit of the season just isn’t what it used to be. This year, bring the spirit back by gifting different.

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Christmas Myths Overheard

We’re starting to hear them over and over… and frankly, we’re getting tired of them. Aren’t you?

  1. You should just buy a goat. That’ll solve EVERYTHING.
  2. I ALWAYS use gift cards given to me.
  3. My boss totally needs more booze.
  4. As if, I SO know what to get my cousin’s girlfriend for Christmas.
  5. My kid totally needs another “OMG that’s the PERFECT thing I saw on TV that I REALLY REALLY wanted!”
  6. I only waited in line for 4 hours and I know my kid will absolutely love it!
  7. We all TOTALLY need more stuff.

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