The Eco-Stove Solution

Target Start Date: February 01, 2011
Location: Kabale, Uganda
$5,040 total cost
$153 still required

Project Description:

As part of Change for Children’s Agriculture & Micro-Credit to Combat Infant/Child Mortality Project, over five hundred eco-stoves will be distributed to impoverished families who are caring for malnourished children. Training for these families will be implemented by engaged community groups, utilizing the ‘Train the Trainer’ technique. Eco-stoves reduce the consumption of wood and charcoal for cooking by 75%, and thus save families time and resources that can then be channeled into agricultural production and improved nutrition. As well, eco-stoves reduce smoke inhalation in households, which lessens the risk of contracting respiratory illnesses and disease. The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 million children and 600,000 women die each year from the effects of Indoor Air Pollution, which can be easily preventable through the use of eco stoves.

Regional Context & Challenges:

The combination of civil strife and the HIV/AIDS pandemic has created many challenges for Ugandans, including extreme poverty, malnutrition and agricultural loss. Many children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS, and thus taken in by extended family members – mostly single mothers and grandmothers who are already managing large house-holds. These caregivers are typically responsible for walking long distances to collect wood for fuel, which detracts from their time caring for children and managing the household.

Our Partners:

KIHEFO (Kigezi Healthcare Foundation) has been promoting community development projects in the Kabale region of Uganda for over ten years.
Many of their programs have been implemented to better support HIV/AIDS positive families through comprehensive emotional, social and nutritional counseling.


Total Budget includes 500 stoves for 500 families @ $72 each (total $36,000).
Our goal through UEnd is to finance 70 of these stoves for a total of $5040.