Women's Empowerment Program, Year 1

CAUSE/SECTOR: Gender Equality

Women's Empowerment Program, Year 1

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Project Description:

Alleviate extreme poverty and injustice in Guatemala through promoting  capacity development of marginalized women with leadership, financial management and health training along with savings and investment support. This project is the first year of a five year plan for this community.

This five year project will improve the quality of life and standard of living of families in marginalized communities in Central America through the promotion of women’s education, leadership, health and economic development.

This project provides weekly leadership classes to women in marginalized communities; it utilizes weekly classes to train women in financial management (including budgeting and savings) and family health matters. It also promotes asset accumulation among needy women through one to one savings matches (incentives).

Students will be given the opportunity to accumulate savings in a formal financial institution during their participation in classes as part of financial training. These savings will be matched, one to one, up to a maximum of $100 per student, upon their successful graduation from the Program, and applied toward a project or item benefiting their family or community.