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Change For Children (www.changeforchildren.org)


Change for Children supports the poor in their own process of organizing to achieve an increased, active role in promoting peace, democracy, human rights, and improved living conditions, accomplished through: growth in understanding of unfair structures and the growing popular resistance to those structures; learning from people with whom we partner to accompany them in the struggle for justice; and acting in development with a sense of urgency and commitment.

Mission Statement

Change for Children Association promotes action for systemic change and sustainable development through solidarity and partnership, by nurturing community, and by maintaining an integral, vital and stable organization.

Philosophy of Development

Change for Children Association (CFCA) is not about charity or aid but about working in partnership, at home and abroad, to understand and eradicate poverty.

CFCA’s purpose is to:

1) to identify in cooperation with the indigenous people of other countries the root causes of their poverty and to assist them in finding long-term solutions;
2) to support projects in various parts of the developing world which lead to self-sufficiency and a more just distribution of the world’s resources;
3) to maximize the effectiveness of each donated dollar by applying to government agencies for matching grants and by ensuring appropriate administration of funds;
4) and to educate Canadians about the developing world to bring about an awareness of our global interdependence and solicit support for greater justice and equity.

Change for Children is committed to equality, self determination, local ownership, responsibility, solidarity, and the future. Healthy communities create healthy children.