For the price of a cup of coffee, you become a member of the U:Powered movement. 5000 people, $5 per month. R You In? Help fuel the machine ending poverty.
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24% of organization built
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Sign me up! More Decision Power. The Inside Track. Proof you are changing the world.

It’s so damn easy.

Since 100% of every UEnd donation goes to poverty-ending projects, we’re asking you to help fuel the machine and make it more powerful than ever.

From now until the end of November, we are looking for 5000 people to subscribe to U:Powered for just $5 per month. It’s so damn easy.

Visit an UEnd project with
UEnd founder Jay Baydala

Every new U:Powered Member has a chance to get picked for an all expenses paid trip to a secret partner project location with UEnd:Poverty Founder and Executive Director, Jay Baydala. A trip like this will change so many people’s lives.
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The Benefits

Decision-making power

That’s right. We want our 5000 members to have a say in some key decisions with UEnd:Poverty.

The inside track

From here on in, U:Powered Members get exclusive content and information from the Foundation, virtual meetup invites, and quarterly video updates from Jay himself. Excited yet?

Knowing you’re changing the world

UEnd:Poverty has already given nearly $730,000 to poverty-ending projects around the world, affecting over 400,000 lives. And we want you to be a part of it.

What happens when UEnd gets 5000 people at $5 per month? We’re glad you asked.

Within 1 year, we can triple our dollars donated to poverty-ending projects around the world.

We can double “people impacted” numbers within the first year.

We will hire great people to manage partnerships, get you better information about projects, run events, design brilliant marketing and social media campaigns, manage volunteers, and help develop an even better website.

We can expand our reach across Canada.

We will be able to launch in the United States later this year or in early 2012.

We could afford a common workspace, exponentially increasing collaboration, impact and efficiency.

We could put more into our website, making it even easier to give!