Get Involved

Support the movement! There are many different ways to get involved with UEnd.

Your Mind

Stay knowledgeable about what we are doing.

Your Voice

  • Share UEnd with your family, friends, workmates, classmates, and everyone you meet about this unique opportunity for people like us to begin to change the world…for good!
  • Approach your friends or office and inquire about using UEnd instead of doing a secret Santa or gift exchange this year.
  • Add the UEnd footer to your email signature this year:
    Holiday gift purchasing can eradicate extreme poverty.
    Experience a new way to give
  • UEnd posters are here! Download them and put them up around your community, in your school, at you local coffeehouse or public house!
  • Write a blog post or create a YouTube video about UEnd and why you support it
  • Share our YouTube videos with your friends!

Your Wallet