Technology is great when it works; when it doesn’t work, it can cause a lot of frustration. We’d love to help you get what you want from the UEnd website.

If you’re having problems using our site, please contact us at We usually respond to support requests within 24 hours.

You can also reach us, during regular business hours, at our toll-free support line at 1.866.629.0516.

When you contact us, please provide us with the following information:

  • What Operating System are you using? (eg. Windows XP/Mac OS 10.5.2/Ubuntu/etc)
  • What internet browser are you using? (eg. firefox 3.0.3, internet explorer 6.0, Safari 3.1.2)
  • What anti-virus or adblocking software are you using?
  • What is the URL or address of the page that you received an error message on?

  • What were you trying to do when you encountered the error?
    (eg. I was trying to pledge to someone and I was sent to a join page)

  • What was the error message? (most helpful if you can copy and paste the message here)